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AlFA AKTIV is a nutritional supplement, which is composed of natural substances and is an excellent support for our immune system and the increase of the physical wellbeing.

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67,14 €

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ALFA AKTIV is composed of a mixture of highly ionized water with extremely negative redoxpotential, aronia juice, currant juice, succinic acid and honey. A juice is made by means of a natural activation process, where all active substances keep their liveliness.



Water, honey (7,5%), concentrated fruit juices from black currant (3,5%) and aronia (3,5%), glucose-fructose-syrup, acidifying agents (citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid), vitamin C.



The chokeberry has a special high amount of secondary plant substances, so-called polyphenols.

In vitro it has been provided, that the berry extract of chokeberry reduces significantly the oxidative stress thanks of its antioxidant effect. This is very important for cancer patients, because the chemotherapy causes a lot of free radicals, which can attack the cells.


Black currant

This berry has an extraordinary high proportion of vitamin C and anthocyanins.This ingredients can also reduce the content of free radiclas. Black currant comprises gamma-linolenic acid, which is important for our hormone balance.



It has been known for a long time, that honey has an antibacterial effect and comprises amongst water and sugar also organic acids and proteins. Furthermore honey comprises about 78 different enzymes, which are of great importance for our metabolic processes.


Succinic acid

Our body daily produces 200 mg succinic acid, which is located in terms of its salt in different tissuses. Succinic acid accrues only in tissues, which are multiloaded with toxic substances. Furthermore the succinic acid is an universal intermediate product of the metabolism. It is also very important for the energy production and stimulates the oxygen supply of the cells and increases the corporal resistance again noxious environmental influences. This also reduces the production of histamine, the most important mediator of inflammations and allergic reactions.




Average nutritional values:

g/100 ml

1 vial (20ml)

Energy value:

443 kJ / 104 kcal

89 kJ / 21 kcal


<0,1 g



25, 8 g

5,2 g

thereof sugar

19,3 g

3,9 g


<0,1 g

<0,1 g

thereof saturated fatty acids

<0,1 g

<0,1 g

Dietary fibre:

0,3 g

0,06 g


<0,1 g

<0,1 g

Vitamin C:

2.445 mg

489 mg*


*that is 611% of the recommended daily intake



ALFA AKTIV is a healthy, promising, innovative solution against numerous complains and health disadvantages, which can be treated on a natural, quickly and healthy way.




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