How is the composition of ALFA AKTIV?

Alfa Aktiv consists of a mixture of high ionized water with strong negative redox potential, aronia juice, currant juice, honey and highly effective succinic acid.


What is the speciality of ALFA AKTIV?

The speciality of Alfa Aktiv is his high regeneration power and the ability to promote the decontamination and the purification of the body. Alfa Aktiv is able to detect dead cells, metabolic waste and foreign substances and to eliminate these. Consequently Alfa Aktiv has a decontaminating and purifying effect. Now the cleaned cells can carry on their healthy function.


How does "ALFA" AKTIV work?

To achieve a good immune defence, the balanced relation of the positive and negative charges in the cells is of great importance. Nowadays many factors like environmental pollution, liquefied gas and stress prejudice the needed electron inflow and the energy production through the respiratory passages. This leads to a acidosis of the cells, which are concentrated with too much Ions being positive charged. Alfa Aktiv unfolds its effect in the acidotic cells and helps to equilibrate the charge in the cells. In so doing the ideal energy production of respiratory chain will be pushed.


Are there any side effects?

Because of the natural substances of ALFA AKTIV there are no side effects.


Why nutritional supplements?

Alfa Aktiv helps your body to keep your cells in balanced relation and to strengthen the immune system, to support the development of energy recovery and to advance the wellbeing. It is a balanced assistance for a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


ALFA" AKTIV for everyone?

You can take this nutritional supplement from an age of 3.


Why does ALFA AKTIV have a strange taste?

The texture of its natural ingredients, without added sugar or similar additives promotes a natural activation process, through which the result is a juice, where the constituent elements are working.